Transfer papers

Toner Transfer Technology allows user to transfer full colour imprint on almost any substrate or product like all fabrics, cardboard, plastics, leather, ceramics, glass, wood or metal.
Your design or image is printed on transfer paper using a Colour Laser Device. The transfer is positioned onto the article and pressed using a professional heat transfer press. All colour surfaces can be printed. The Process is fast, safe and simple.
The technology does not require minimum quantities to cover the set-up cost: Minimum Order is One!


?    Ideal for personalized gifts, small and medium production 
?    All colour surfaces can be printed
?    High photo quality results
?    No artwork or set up costs
?    Low printing costs 
?    Low entry-level investment
?    Suitable for decoration of all textiles, aluminium, glass, ceramics, wood, plastic, metal and more

TTC 3.1, A4R, DTP 102 - for white fabrics
DTP 201 - for dark fabrics
CPM 6.1 A4R, CPM 6.4 A4R, ORD 8.1 A4R - for aluminium sheets  
DCT 4.5 C and W - for glass, ceramics, metals, wax candles, soap, products which cannot fit into a heat transfer press or cannot withstand heat
TATU 2.1 - for temporary tattoo