Aluminium plates

Full-colour printing technology on metal makes it possible to transfer images obtained from a printer  with ink or sublimation gel onto aluminium sheets covered with a thin layer of polyester. Sublimation printing is characterised by resistance to mechanical damage, but low resistance to UV rays.  This technology is ideal for small runs of metal signs, information boards, certificates, badges, business cards, diplomas, photo reproductions, etc.  For printing on tin, use sublimation paper suitable for the type of printer. We recommend Epson L-series continuous inkjet printers and Insta presses.  

 A colour profile is required to achieve correct colour reproduction. We recommend profiles from F5.

Aluminium sheets, coated, 0.5 mm thick are offered in two sizes and 8 colours: A3 sheets 297 x 420 mm matt silver sheet matt white sheet sheets 610 x 305 mm brushed silver sheet silver tinplate mirror mirror gold sheet 

ATTENTION: The sheets are factory-protected with a protective foil, which must be removed before printing!