Sublimation transfer printing allows the user to produce a vast range of individually printed promotional and gift products in stunning, photographic, full colour quality. There is no minimum quantity required for production.


?    Ideal for personalized gifts, small and medium production
?    No artwork or set up costs
?    Low printing costs 
?    Low entry-level investment
?    High photo quality results
?    Suitable for decoration of ceramics, textiles, aluminium, glass, wood, plastic, and more

How does it work?

Your design or image is printed with sublimation ink on sublimation paper using a compatible inkjet printer. The transfer is positioned onto the article and pressed using a professional heat transfer press. The heat transfer process enables the sublimation ink pigments to become gaseous and penetrate the polyester coated surface of the article. Certain textiles can also be printed using sublimation and we supply a large range of premium quality performance shirts, made of 100% wicking polyester fabric. Only white and light coloured surfaces can be printed.